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Shapeshifters Cinema is a monthly expanded cinema series featuring experimental filmmakers and video artists presenting moving image work live with accompaniment from sound artists, musicians and artists from other creative disciplines. Shapeshifters takes place once a month, from 8 to 9pm (unless otherwise noted) at our new location: 567 5th Street near Jack London Square in Oakland. Doors open at 7:30pm. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Gilbert Guerrero - Co-director
Kathleen Quillian - Co-director
Ellie Vanderlip - Assistant

Voted “Best Leaps From
the Screen” by the San
Francisco Bay Guardian
October 2014.

Support for Shapeshifters Cinema is provided by the Zellerbach Family Foundation, the San Francisco Cinematheque and individual donors.

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Friday, December 6, 2019
Elena Pardo w/Voicehandler + Laboratorio Experimental de Cine

[Please note our new location!]

In 2018 the Mexico City experimental film collective Laboratorio Experimental de Cine (LEC) held a residency at the film laboratories of the famous Mexican national film studio, Estudios Churubusco. Over the course of a year, a dozen filmmakers partnered with laboratory staff to create short films and exchange knowledge and approaches to analog film. The LEC residency culminated in the second biennial international independent film laboratories conference and the publication Recetario. The first part of this program screens some highlights from the residency, including "Bandera Churubusco" by Walter Forsberg, "Filmer & Son" by Antonio Bunt, "Churubusco Inventory" by Elena Pardo and "Boom boom boom" by Naomi Uman. The second part of the program features "Underground Pulses," a new expanded cinema performance looking at community resistance to underground mining in Mexico by LEC co-founder Elena Pardo with sound performed live by Voicehandler.

Saturday, January 11, 2020
Ether Ship

[Please note our new location!]

Ether Ship electronic music group (Willard Van De Bogart and Lemon DeGeorge) will be premiering two new compositions with dimensional videos from their wilderness locations. Ether Ship has been performing for over 50 years. Their first performance was at the Sea Port Museum in New York City for the Avant Garde Festival created by Charlotte Mormon, and their most recent performance was in Denmark for the Re-Sound Conference. Willard Van De Bogart is on iPAD synthesizers and Lemon DeGeorge is on electronically processed harmonicas.

November 10, 2019: Lynne Sachs
October 13, 2019: Minoosh Zomorodinia
September 20, 2019: Jeremy Rourke
August 11, 2019: Eric Leiser
July 14, 2019: Kerry Laitala with The Atchleys
June 15, 2019: Craig Baldwin
May 12, 2019: Las Sucias with Sofía Córdova
April 14, 2019: Keith Evans w/Rae Diamond's Long Tone Choir
March 10, 2019: Sung Kim
January 13, 2019: Thomas Carnacki with Jerry Smith & Lorin Murphy
December 9, 2018: duo B. vs. Video Savant
November 11, 2018: Steve Dye and Alfonso Alvarez with Suki O'Kane and Wayne Grim
October 14, 2018: Lydia Greer with Shauna Fallihee, Caryl Kientz & Lisa Van Wambeck
September 9, 2018: Ellie Vanderlip
August 12, 2018: Lori Varga with Kit Young, Tom Djll and Clarke Robinson
July 8, 2018: Natalie Tsui
June 2, 2018: Linda Scobie
May 13, 2018: Kristin Cato & David Cox
April 8, 2018: Tommy Becker
March 11, 2018: Projection Art with Kanoko Nishi & Agnes Szelag
January 14, 2018: Pad McLaughlin & Greta Snider
December 10, 2017: Kit Young and collaborators
November 12, 2017: John Davis & Joshua Churchill
October 8, 2017: Synthestesia
Septeber 10, 2017: Oracle Plus
August 13, 2017: Sofía Córdova with Matthew Gonzalez Kirkland
July 9, 2017: Konrad Steiner with Tatiana Luboviski-Acosta & All My Senses Rebel
June 11, 2017: Celebrating Five Years of Shapeshifters with the CinePimps
May 14, 2017: Surabhi Saraf & Dorothy Santos
April 9, 2017: Malic Amalya and Nathan Hill
March 12, 2017: Alex Mackenzie
February 12, 2017: Fired! group screening
January 8, 2017: Neurodivergent Media w/Allison Leigh Holt
December 11, 2016: Anna Geyer & Collin McKelvey
November 13, 2016: Facing West Shadow Opera
October 9, 2016: Greta Snider
September 11, 2016: Thad Povey and Mark Taylor with Henry Plotnick and Alfonso Alvarez
August 14, 2016: Kit Young & Lori Varga with Thomas Dimuzio
July 10, 2016: Suki O'Kane
June 12, 2016: Gustavo Vazquez & Guillermo Galindo
May 8, 2016: Sarah Rosalena Brady
April 8, 2016: Killer Banshee
March 13, 2016: Timeless Motion
February 14, 2016: The Freddy McGuire Show
January 10, 2016: Elia Vargas and Andy Puls with Marie Hoff
December 13, 2015: viDEO sAVant (Charles Woodman & Zachary James Watkins)
November 8, 2015: Greta Snider
September 13, 2015: Alfonso Alvarez & Steve Dye w/Suki O'Kane and Maat Valkyr
August 9, 2015: Phoebe Tooke & Wayne Grim w/Stephanie Stewart-Bailey
July 12, 2015: Kerry Laitala with Voicehandler & Wobbly
June 14, 2015: Lori Varga
May 10, 2015: Dennis Keefe & Jim Baldocchi with Thomas DiMuzio
April 12, 2015: Zen Cohen with Colton Long and Zoey Vero
March 22, 2015: Roger Beebe with Cody Hennesy
February 8, 2015: Cheryl Leonard with Rebecca Haseltine & Oona Stern
January 11, 2015: Keith & Geoff Evans
December 14, 2014: Brian Darr & Alex Xander Jacobs
November 16, 2014: Jeremy Rourke
October 12, 2014: Cyrus Tabar
September 14, 2014: Tommy Becker
August 10, 2014: tooth
July 13, 2014: Elise Baldwin
June 8, 2014: Dennis Keefe & Glenn McKay with Chris Musgrave & Sarah Brady
May 11, 2014: Chris Pew
April 13, 2014: Andy Puls
March 2, 2014: Greg Pope with Voicehandler
February 9, 2014: Lori Varga
January 12, 2014: Scott Stark & Allison Holt
December 8, 2013: Alex MacKenzie
November 10, 2013: Chris Duncan
October 13, 2013: Craig Baldwin
September 8, 2013: Steve Dye
August 11, 2013: Kadet Kuhne
July 14, 2013: Beige
June 9, 2013: Josh Kit Clayton
May 12, 2013: Jim Haynes
April 28, 2013: Lori Varga & Paul Baker
February 10, 2013: Jen Cohen & Guillermo Galindo
January 13, 2013: John Davis & Josh Churchill
November 8, 2012: Sylvia Schedelbauer
October 4, 2012: Tommy Becker
September 6, 2012: Kerry Laitala with John Davis and Neal Johnson
August 2, 2012: Jeremy Rourke
July 13, 2012: Paul Clipson & Evan Caminiti
June 17, 2012: The CinePimps

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