Blackberry Gose. 6.4%
A tart rye wheat beer fermented on local blackberries harvested at their peak with a dash of sea salt harvested from the California coast.

3-D Saison. 6 %
A rustic Saison, dry-herbed with locally grown lavender and fermented on local honey.

Longfellow Common. 5%
A dry-hopped Bay Area Common Lager that’s been a staple in my home, full of citrus and pine.

Session IPA. 4.5%
A hoppy, refreshing session ale with low and high in flavor, for everyday, all-day-long drinking.

Americas Schwarzbier. 5%
A rich, black lager made with toasted Indian corn as part of the grain bill.

Synesthesia Pale Ale. 6.5%
A blend of hop varieties play with the senses in this malty pale ale with notes of white wine grapes, peaches, and citrus.

Kunstwerk Kölsch. 5.1%
A light, crisp regional German beer, perfect for a long conversation about whether art is inherently political.

Magentachrome Cherry Grisette. 5%
This hearty five grain blend of rolled barley, oats, rye, wheat, and triticale is fermented on Saison yeast then racked on fresh cherries, giving it a nostalgic pink hue.

Admiral Boom’s Export India Porter. 6.5%
Loads of dark roasted malt, infused full of herbal bitterness make this beer a bold choice for bold souls. Notes of dark chocolate, coffee, burnt toast.

Toasted Cocoa Nib and Cinnamon Stout. 4.5%
A dry Stout with the light aromas of toasted, dark cocoa nibs and dry-spiced with cinnamon sticks.

Roasted Juniper and Rose Hip India Red Ale. 7%
An ancient spice used by Vikings in traditional ales, sweet and tangy rose hips, and experimental varieties of hops come together for a deep red ale.

Belgium by the Bay Pale Ale. 6.4%
A Belgian pale ale with a fruity finish.

Ice Cold Popcorn IPA. 6.5%
Freshly popped popcorn is added to the grain bill along with a dash of sea salt, making this chewy, hazy IPA light and flavorful.

Wátchale Smoked Vienna Lager. 5%
A smokey, dark Mexican lager made with dry roasted and smoked pumpkin seeds.

Drunken Sea Imperial Rice Pilsner. 7.7%
Large quantities of sushi rice round out this dry, incredibly light, slightly bitter Pilsner that has a kick to keep you rocking on the high seas.

Fig and Lemon Balm Kettle Sour. 5%
Rich fruit flavors and ripe lemon balm balance the tang in this tart, strong wheat beer.