Shapeshifters Cinema presents a special online broadcast

Tommy Becker + Negativland + DEVO

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Livestream in partnership with Out of Focus TV

Join us Saturday, March 14th on FB, Apple TV or wherever you can tune in from the comfort of your own home as we present a special online broadcast for one night only featuring:

In the Beginning Was the End: The Truth About De-Evolution (1976) Dir. Chuck Statler
Akron, Ohio. A literal “band of brothers” from Kent State on a mission: to prove that “de-evolution” is real and eliminate the ninnies and the twits. They were DEVO – The De-Evolution Band, and this was before “Whip It,” Warner Bros. and pop stardom… but they were fully formed practically from the seed. DEVO saw themselves as filmmakers and visual artists just as much as a “band” from the point of inception, and threw their energy into this project during 1975 and 1976 as the group was truly gelling as a live act. This proto-music-video, with two songs, would go on to be screened on a portable 16mm projector as the “opening act” for the band itself for years – sometimes with the band bursting through a paper movie screen after it ended.
—Peter Conheim, Ears, Eyes and Throats: Restored Classic and Lost Punk Films 1976-1981

Negativland live at Spazio Aerio, Venice, Italy, September 30, 2016
This performance featured Negativland during their 2016 tour with electronic musician Wobbly, and Tucson-based live cinema video artist Steev Hise. Favorite dialog cut-ups from their decades-long portfolio are reinvented with an arsenal of media equipment including their homemade electronic noise-making "booper" devices.

Tommy Becker live at Shapeshifters Cinema, Oakland, CA, April 8, 2018
This performance features Tommy Becker presenting new works from his never-ending saga, "Tape Number One". TNO is a mix video tape that embraces the deconstruction of song structure to create an expanded, conceptual story-telling that blends the artist’s poetics, songwriting, performance and costuming with found footage and computer design. Live vocals and instrumentation lead melodic soundtracks that articulate a visual swirling of tragic comedy. Short works balance meaning with emotion and documentation with design. For this show Becker premiered a new work, "Stars White in a Blue Field", a work that contemplates patriotic values in our current political quagmire along with his "FLOWER SHOP (protection, fear & escape)" trilogy and more.

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