Join us every Thursday night from 5-9PM for our weekly Happy Hour!

Choose from a rotating selection of cold beers on tap, made on-site in our microbrewery, as well as from a limited menu of beer-friendly delectables.

Each week we also have a fun, low-key activity to keep you entertained. These usually start around 6pm. But if you are just looking to chillax and imbibe, you are more than welcome to just come by and enjoy a pint and some snacks—in the front foyer, the cinema space or on our spacious back patio.

Our storefront shop will also be open during this time if you just want to swing by for some merch or beers to go.

  • First Thursdays: Live Music
    The DO-OVER Music series organized (and sometimes performed by) Lisa Mezzacappa and Jordan Glenn since 2019 features live, informal performances by a rotating cast of the Bay Area's finest improvisational jazz musicians. Focusing on works-in-progress, new collaborations, and first forays into intermedia, installation and durational works, DO-OVER is a place for experimentation, impracticality, and glorious failure that encourages members of the Bay Area music community to embrace discomfort and explore new practices in a supportive environment.

  • Second Thursdays: Drink & Draw on Film
    We will have all the materials you need to make your own handmade film loops, including markers, inks, scratching tools, nail polish + clear film leader, opaque black film leader and random clips from old 16mm films, all of which you can scratch and draw on to your hearts delight. And when you're done, we will throw it on the projector and watch the magic unfurl. There is a small fee to cover the cost of materials ($5 for each loop you want to make), but once you've finished one, you can officially call yourself a filmmaker—and that's much cheaper than enrolling in art school, right?

  • Third Thursdays: Dead Media Salon
    Each month we will be reviving and revering a different form of media from the junk heap of technology-past (35mm slides, super-8 film, VHS, etc). We'll put the call out about a week before (to our Instagram and Facebook feeds, as well as our email list) to announce the media zombie du jour so that you have some time to dig through your collection or scour the local thrift shop and bring in some fun things to share informally. No presh to present anything. This is just us hanging out and watching weird things together.

  • Fourth Thursdays: A/V Club
    Loren Risker & Tina Liao Risker, proprietors of the on-line music video streaming channel Out of Focus TV host this monthly gathering for folks who want to meet and share film/video/sound/music projects in progress, or recently completed—open screening-style. Bring something to show, or just come, hang out, meet some new people, watch some cool work and join in conversation.

  • And on the occasional, odd Fifth Thursday, we will most likely be spinning records from our extensive and eclectic collection of vintage exotica, lounge, jazz, pop, punk and dollar bin LP records and projecting something unusual on the screen.

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