Shapeshifters Cinema

Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood (PDF)

Expanded Cinema: Art, Performance, Film by A.L. Rees, Duncan White, Steven Ball and David Curtis (PDF)

Handmade Cinema: a guide to the people, practices and themes of artisinal moving image production

The Richard Balzer Collection of magic lanterns, peepshows, shadows, transparencies, thaumatropes, phenakistascopes and a variety of other optical toys

A Brief History of Analog Light Shows: Online resources and information about psychedelic 1960s analog light shows. Covering pioneering artists, techniques, vintage media, theories, related artistic movements and more, Curated by Liquid Light Lab / Steve Pavlovsky

The Heavy Lightshows: A major report on the most important new medium since the movies, by Blair Sabol, SHOW Magazine, April 1970 (PDF)

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